From the Earth... to our Family... to our Business... to YOU!

Organic is defined as a harmonious relationship between natural Earth elements, that all have their own energy and story, while preserving their natural qualities.

Who We Are

Jason Kuepfer
Master Creator & Designer

The last name "Kuepfer" originates from Swiss barrel makers. Ironically, Jason is now bringing wood and metal together with many of his furniture creations.

Jason has worked in the furniture business for almost three decades as a builder, finisher and designer of rustic, reclaimed and custom furniture. Jason's furniture designs have been sold in many fine retail stores across North America. Jason understands the retail business, having owned retail furniture stores in Fergus and Stratford, Ontario. He is passionate about designing original creations using live edge and reclaimed wood, and has an advanced knowledge and skill for epoxy finishing. Jason's two sons, Maverick and Wyatt also work in the finishing business and we are lucky to have them assist with Organic Interiors creations.