Green Standards - Our Committment to YOU and our Earth!

Organic Interiors has a commitment to the environment, and that commitment extends throughout our process to you and your family. Organic Interiors uses Formaldehyde-Free finishes and all our tables and products are food safe for your family or customers.

Formaldehyde is a very commonly used chemical, even though it is a known carcinogen. It is present in many wood finishes and glues used in the furniture industry. At Organic Interiors we strictly use only Formaldehyde free products to produce our furniture.

Off-gassing occurs when newly manufactured items give off harmful, carcinogenic compounds (VOC’s). By leveraging natural and organic materials, we can ensure that no harmful off-gassing occurs in your home or business.

Organic Interiors heavily leverages reclaimed and re-purposed materials in our furniture design, such as our threshing floor tables. Whenever we can, we take old things and put them to new uses.

Our lumber comes from local arbourists and renewable-focused companies that participate in reforestation. The intentional restocking of forests and woodlands is key to sustainability.

When you purchase one of our tables – you also contribute to our environment. $25 from every table sold is donated back to Forestry Ontario to go towards reforestation initiatives.

To have a custom table or other reclaimed wood created just for you visit our website at or email us to visit our showroom at