Live Edge Tables - What to Look For in a Manufacturer

Live Edge Tables are all the rage right now in homes of young professionals and buyers who have a keen sense of current design trends.

When looking to purchase a custom Live Edge table that is perfect for your home, restaurant or office, look into the different manufacturers and ask some important questions:

1. Where is the lumber coming from for your table? Is it Local? Is it being cut down to create these tables or is it from Environmentally Sustainable sources, from trees that would otherwise end up in Landfill Sites or being burned as firewood?

2. What type of finishing is being put on the table? Will it be toxic to your home, restaurant or office due to off-gassing and formaldehyde finishing?

3. Is the manufacturer experienced with the proper finishing using a clear, food safe epoxy finish that will ensure durability and a clear, clean finish? If samples of their work have a "milky" look to the finish, this may not be what you are looking for.

4. Is the builder/creator of the table local, and do they make a commitment to minimize their carbon footprint on the Earth? Do they give back to local initiatives such as reforestation within the province? Are they accredited members of government bodies who recognize their commitment to Environmental Sustainability such as Ontario Wood?

5. Do you have the option to choose your own type of wood, stain, colour, finishing? Your choice of design for a powder coated metal or wood base is also important in order for the table to fit in with your decor, and be the talking point of the room it is featured in.

6. Make sure the wood used for your table is kiln dried to a proper moisture content, or you will risk the table cracking after it enters your home environment.

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