Organic Interiors - A Proud Partner with Ontario Wood

Organic Interiors is proud to be a licensed partner with Ontario Wood.

Ontario Wood is a non profit Government organization that promotes beautiful wood products that offer high quality at a low price, support local businesses, and promote a healthier environment.

Organic Interiors takes pride in doing our part to minimize our Carbon Footprint on our environment.

Most of the wood we use for our Live Edge projects comes from local trees which are being removed by town arbourists or individuals, due to storm damage or threat to public safety. This wood usually goes into landfill sites, or is burned as firewood.

We believe in Sustainable Forest Management. Organic Interiors only deals with companies who participate in sustainable harvesting of wood, and who are re planting trees for new growth regeneration, so as not to damage important ecosystems.

When you purchase one of our tables – you also contribute to our environment. $25 from every table sold is donated back to Forestry Ontario to go towards reforestation initiatives. Join us in being a part of Forestry Ontario’s mandate to plant 50 million trees by 2025.

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