Threshing Floor Tables - What are They and Why are they so Special?

Threshing floor tables are created from the reclaimed wood of early Bank Barns within Southern Ontario, which were originally built by early settlers. This wood has been "threshed" or beaten down by horses and wagons, wearing it down over hundreds of years to create a unique and rustic surface. Most threshing floor wood is Hemlock, Cedar or Pine. 

The wood we use for our Threshing Floor tables only comes from Barn Floors within Southern Ontario. This wood not only has a history and story behind it, but will one day will be very rare and valuable when all these old barns have been removed. Each and every table tells a unique story and preserves the history of farming in our country.

Southern Ontario was, at one point, entirely covered with trees until the early settlers cleared the land to build their barns, which were made of old growth Hemlock and Pine. These barns were called the barns of the Queens Bush – because this area of trees was originally all crown land.

The barn floor boards that your threshing floor table has been made out of, is from trees that were hundreds or years old when harvested, and then aged hundreds more years where they lay in barns. These threshing floor boards each tell their own story with every scrape and dent that create their rustic beauty, of the animals and old machines that once wore them down over years of traditional farming.

Our formaldehyde-free epoxy finishing brings out the natural depth and patina of the wood, and fills the deep crevices to create an easy to clean and use surface. This finishes we use are food safe, without carcinogenic off-gassing, for the health and safety of your family or customers.

Your reclaimed wood table will not only be a talking point of your home because of its beauty, but it will also tell a story of its history over hundreds of years.

Every table is custom - from the size, colour, finish and wood or metal base. You choose the right look for your home or office.

To have your own custom Threshing Floor table created just for you and your family, restaurant or boardroom visit our website at or email us at