Reclaimed Wood Tables & Rustic Tables Trending Now

Reclaimed Wood Tables are stunningly beautiful with their natural colours and "patina" that comes from the natural patterns in the wood. 

However, they are extra special, as they also tell a story, of their history. Either from hundred year old trees that have fallen, or been taken down by local arborists or townships due to them being damaged or unsafe - or from hundred year old barns where this wood was already hundreds of years old when it was laid as a barn floor, yet aged with equipment and animals on top of it for many more years. 

The story that this wood has to tell, is most often forgotten about. Some of this wood, especially from "Threshing Floor" tables, will at some point soon become extinct, when all the old barns have come down and new ones rebuilt. 

These tables are special, and can be the talking point of your family or guests who come to share meals at your home or restaurant. 

Most of the wood used to create these tables, would otherwise become landfill in local waste sites, or burned as firewood.

Partner a Reclaimed Wood table top with a sharp looking metal base, and you have one of the most popular trending table designs currently!

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