Wood and Metal Furniture - Pairing Wood & Metal Together

Organic Beauty is evident when pairing Wood and Metal together with custom furniture for your home, restaurant or office. 

A new trend in furniture uses industrial metal bases, along with live edge or threshing floor table tops in order to create a feeling of modern, yet rustic decor. 

Using metal along with wood, gives a feeling of warmth yet an industrial, yet clean and simple look, which can even have an antique or factory type flare, taking away from the "cottage" or "country" look to the wood top, if paired with a simple wood base such as a harvest table design. 

Using cool, yet simple metal bases, really brings the earths elements together in furniture design. 

Try pairing a rustic wood, or reclaimed wood table top with an old metal base from an antique sewing machine or metal legs from and old metal work bench. 

Check out more tables with metal and wood paired together at www.organicinteriors.com or visit their facebook page @organicinteriors