LEAF Approved Supplier for Sustainable Products in Canada

Is the furniture in your home or restaurant safe for your customers, staff and family?

Did you know that most furniture that is made in Canada, and especially overseas is not food safe, and may off gas many harmful chemicals into your home or work space? Formaldehyde is one of many carcinogenic chemicals that is used in finishing wood products, and leaches harmful chemicals into our environment, even after they are delivered to to you home, office or restaurant.

LEAF Certified suppliers such as Organic Interiors are committed to the environment and providing environmentally sustainable products and services.  By supporting companies such as Organic Interiors, and dining at LEAF approved  restaurants, you're not only supporting the foodservice industry in becoming green but also reducing your own environmental footprint. It's win-win.  

Organic Interiors creates and supplies restaurant and boardroom tables to homes, offices and restaurants. We also create beautiful bars, serving boards and other custom wood creations. At Organic Interiors, our goal is to minimize our footprint on the Earth, along with providing our customers with beautiful, one of a kind wood furniture which is safe, formaldehyde free, and healthy for your family, office or restaurant. We use local wood from barns and trees within Canada, and each piece of furniture comes with its own story to tell. 

Visit www.OrganicInteriors.ca or view us on Facebook @OrganicInteriors or Instagram: OrganicInteriorsCanada for a quote or more information