INDUSTRIAL VINTAGE Furniture - Wood and Metal together

An exquisitely illustrated celebration of this influential style that is now at the forefront of interior design. Vintage Industrial covers the period from 1900 to 1950, which produced the raw, functional aesthetic that has become a cornerstone of modern design. The advent of the second industrial revolution created the need for a new kind of furniture to satisfy the demands of a rapidly growing workforce.

This interior design style has come back in full force throughout 2017 and into 2018 especially in the dining room, office, boardroom and restaurants. By bringing Wood and Metal together in furniture design, along with the vintage industrial look, you get elegant, sexy and strong looking pieces that scream not only cool but well built! 

Organic Interiors out of Ontario has a good handle on the Vintage Industrial style with the tables and bases they offer their residential and commercial customers.  You will find their popular rustic and reclaimed table tops with their rough sawn, epoxy finishes on top of these chunky metal bases with exposed bolts and threads. 

Visit for more Vintage Industrial styles in tables, coffee tables, boardrooms and office furniture.