Threshing Floor Tables - Unique Rustic Table Design with Reclaimed Wood

Rustic, Reclaimed tables combined with industrial metal bases are the trend currently with homes stagers, designers and restaurants. Blending the rustic charm of a threshing floor table, created from old barn floor boards which have been reclaimed and otherwise burned or thrown in landfill, along with the sexy industrial look of a metal base, gives a unique style to this type of table.

Industrial looking harvest tables are the top choice of restaurants and even in boardrooms over the past few years. The look is still elegant and classy, yet rustic and earthy at the same time. 

Bringing this reclaimed wood and metal together not only offers customers a well built, sturdy table that will last years and years, but also the durability of the epoxy finish. With the right marine grade epoxy that give a clear yet not too shiny or "milky" cloudy appearance, you can put these Threshing Floor bars or tables outside for the summer months without worry of them deteriorating. 

Threshing Floor Tables are incredibly durable and beautiful as the natural patina of the wood is evident from the colours they show once finished. These tables can range from $2000-$15,000 and the quality may vary greatly. Dealing with a reputable company that also uses a Formaldehyde Free Finishing can help keep your customers or family safe from harmful off gassing.

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