Wood Tables - Read before you BUY!

If you are looking to purchase a Live Edge Wood, Threshing Floor or Harvest Table, it is important to educate yourself on what makes a quality table, before you invest $1000+ into something that may not last as long as you would like!

Most consumers who purchase a solid wood table, expect it to last many years. This is not always the case! The saying "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR" is absolutely correct when it comes to solid wood tables! Read this before you make the investment, as your solid wood table should last years...even generations...if you buy quality!


1.  KILN DRIED vs. AIR DRIED WOOD and the importance of LOCAL WOOD- Make sure that the wood your builder uses is local ONTARIO Wood vs. from Indonesia or India. Foriegn wood is not used to our climate, usually contains formaldehyde and other chemicals, and may even contain bacteria and foreign insects. It most likely will not be Kiln Dried, and will be Air Dried. Kiln Dried, is the proper process to ensure that the moisture content of the wood, before finishing, will not lead to cracks and warping over time. Every handy man seems to now have access to live edge wood slabs, and has a portable saw mill in their backyard. Beware of tables made from wood that is not Kiln Dried as, you may be disappointed when that beautiful table starts to slowly come apart! Also, most quality table manufacturers will stand behind their product, and if the table has any problems, they will repair or replace it for you. 

2. FINISHING - The type and quality of the finishing of your table is extremely important for both the look, durability and longevity of your table. Ensure that your table is finished with a top quality commercial grade polyurethane sprayed finish vs a brushed on varathane or hardware store brand finish. If you are concerned with chemical off-gassing in your home, office or restaurant, some builders like Organic Interiors use only Formaldehyde Free Commercial Polyurethane Finish (sourced from Europe), which will give your table a food safe, beautiful finish that will preserve it for years. Just remember, all finishes will scratch and wear down over time with use of the table, however, the quality of the finish will make a difference to how much wear and time will go by before the table needs to be refinished. A good quality table should last for decades. You should be able to have your table refinished and look like new!

If you are looking for a Threshing Floor or Rustic Reclaimed Wood Table, it should be finished with a Marine Grade Epoxy with is designed for the restoration of cedar strip boats vs. a table grade epoxy which may appear extremely high shine, or even have have cloudy or "milky" spots in the finish. The other issue with a table grade epoxy, is that over time, it is likely that it will yellow, and won't harden the same as a commercial grade epoxy. 

Purchase your solid wood table from a reputable company, like Organic Interiors who stands behind their products, and has many years of experience from the building to the finishing of the tables. Beware of the "Backyard Table Builder" as, over time, you may be disappointed. When it comes to solid wood tables, choose local wood and remember....you get what you pay for!